Downs demand Chippa pay Manqele


The striker, who was stopped from training with Sundowns, has not been paid his wages for September and a signing-on fee - allegedly by Sundowns.
As it turns out, Sundowns say they are not responsible because, as they claim, the player is now Chippa United’s responsibility since he is on loan at the club as per a written agreement.
This website is in possession of a letter written by Sundowns’ acting general manager Yogesh Singh on September 18 and directed to Peter Koutrolis, Chippa’s chief executive officer, demanding that Chippa foot the bill.
“As discussed on Tuesday night, you indicated that Chippa United Football Club (“Chippa”) is fully aware of its obligations in terms of the Loan Transfer Agreement (“the Agreement”) that was concluded by Chippa, Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club (“Sundowns”) and Edward Jabulani Manqele (“the  Player”) on 27 August 2014.
“You further indicated that Chippa remains committed to fulfilling its  obligations in terms of the Agreement and in fact wants the Player to start training with Chippa immediately while Chippa attempts to sort out his registration. You also indicated that the Player will in all probability be registered to play for Chippa during the January 2015 registration window and for that reason you would like him to start training with Chippa immediately.
“The Player is still in Johannesburg and he, with the assistance of his agent and attorneys, indicated that there were issues to be sorted  out, including payment of his sign-on fee. It appears that the main issue now relates to the Player’s sign-on fee that was due on 31 August 2014, but has not been paid by Chippa despite the Agreement clearly stating that Chippa is responsible for paying the Player’s sign-on fee as well his salaries during the loan period.
“You indicated that Chippa is aware that the sign-on fee needs to paid, but the Chairman of the club, Mr Chippa Mpengesi, had put the payment on hold while you were trying to understand and resolve the issues of the Player’s registration. As I indicated to you on Tuesday night, Sundowns would like the parties to the Agreement to fulfil their obligations.  
“The Agreement has not been terminated and has to be respected by all the parties. For that reason we asked the player to stop training with  us despite the fact that he was in Johannesburg and we have now requested him to travel to Port Elizabeth to start training with Chippa. This matter has already gone backwards and forth unnecessarily and we would like it to put to rest urgently.”
The player’s lawyers have referred the matter to the PSL’s Dispute Resolution Chamber and are awaiting a date for the hearing.
“It is not a small matter. We have put in an application to bring both clubs to the DRC and whoever is responsible must pay,” Manqele’s agent Josiah Mphono adds.