Mama Joy: Fans were jealous of Mgijimi


Mama Joy reveals some of the tragic last words Mgijimi told her before his sudden death, and claims fellow football fans were jealous of him. 

Sindane, who was buried in his hometown of Witbank on Sunday, died earlier this week after a sudden heart attack.

Popular Orlando Pirates supporter Joyce Chauke, more commonly known as 'Mama Joy', says she was one of the few supporters who were true friends of Mgijimi.

"You know his passing frightened me," Chauke tells

"While I was still at the hospital he used to text me on WhatsApp telling me he doesn't want to lose me, saying he would not be able to do it alone, not knowing he was the one who was leaving me behind.

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"So it broke my heart because that guy was full of energy, he was full of life you know... at the end of the day he slept and woke up dead.

"I never thought this could happen to him the way he was so strong. I don't want to lie, I'm losing strength. I'm lost for words. I don't know what to say.

"He loved his football with all his energy and everything he had. It hurts, I don't want to lie. As for me I'm grateful for my children's presence when I collapsed, they were able to get help.

"I learned of his passing from our friend who supports Sundowns, Buli. The three of us were travelling together most of the time. And then Mgijimi's brother Johannes gave me the whole story.

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"I'm hurting for not being able to attend his funeral due to my condition. It's still early for me to attend any gathering.

"Mgijimi would always say to me, 'Mama Joy, don't be fooled by people who are laughing with you, people don't like me, you are the only one who likes me. When I'm dead people will go around hey Mgijimi was our friend... meanwhile they didn't want anything to do with me. When I'm dead I want you Mama Joy to speak at my funeral and tell them how much you know about me.'

"But now I'm unable to attend his funeral and speak. My situation is not allowing me."

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Mama Joy was pressed on what she thinks made fellow supporters dislike Mgijimi.

"It's jealousy. Abantu bane jealous [people become jealous] when they see somebody appearing on TV doing right stuff. Supporters were jealous of him," she reckons.

"Actually for us. Looking at the stands you might think we are united, we love each other, but at the end of the day just because someone is appearing too much, doing stuff more than them, they become jealous.

"Fortunately God didn't take both of us, the Devil is disappointed. But as long as I'm here I will always represent Mgijimi in the stands."

See the legendary Mgijimi doing what he loved most below