Up The Birds! Sebona flying high


Swallows FC legend Lucas Sebona says the club's return to the PSL will make things easier in his life explaining to people where he is considered a legend.

Sebona says he always found it difficult to explain to youngsters born after the year 2000 in his hometown of Middelburg in Mpumalanga what kind of club The Dude Birds was.

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"Hhayi Up The Birds, Up The Birds, Up The Birds! After five years we are back to where we belong," an ecstatic Sebona tells KickOff.com.

"I'm so very excited. This means history will come back where it belongs. Because the challenge today is when you try to tell ama 2000 about Swallows, they are not familiar with Swallows.

"Now every time I tell them I once played for Swallows, they will know which team I'm talking about. All along I had to relate more to Sundowns [as his former team] because it's the team they currently know and are familiar with.

"But to tell them where you started, what made you who you are today, you understand? It's Swallows."

'Makhokhoba' says coach Brandon Truter deserves a special mention for the club's success.

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Truter found Swallows in difficult situation but managed to turn things around in a short space of time.

"We should give the coach credit where it's due, even the management for supporting the coach as well. They believed in him, they gave him a fair chance," he says.

"To show that he was not under pressure, the mandate was to reach the top eight. But he exceeded the mandate you see.

"And now it left us with a question... what's next? Do you release some of the players or do you continue? As for me, I would love to see the players being kept as they are, and select a few that they will take... because a reinforcement is needed honestly.

"And we need to reinforce with disciplined people like Vuyo Mere and [Lebohang] Mokoena. But they shouldn't drop the other players completely because at least now they have a chance of playing in the MultiChoice [MDC]."

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The former striker turned businessman also advises the Swallows management on how to avoid the mistakes that were made by the past regime.

"Especially the technical team, if they can make it broad, they must bring in people who know the culture. If they do make some changes, let Vuyo and Mokoena stay there," he insists.

"They must promise them that if it happens that they are no longer fit to play, they will be included in the technical team because they are familiar with the team now. They shouldn't just throw in anybody to come and assist.

"And once they get it right in the MultiChoice then make no mistake, here in the PSL it's going to be easy."

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