'Eymael is a prohibited immigrant' - Yanga


Young Africans have reacted with shock that Luc Eymael was even allowed to start working at Chippa United again following widespead condemnation of his alleged racist remarks.

Eymael's last job at Yanga ended in controversy after audio emerged in which he compared the local Tanzanian fans to "monkeys who are uneducated" and those remarks have created yet another uproar in South Africa, which has culminated in Chippa backtracking on their appointment of him yet again.

"Here in Tanzania the government will not allow him to come back again and he is classified as a prohibited immigrant, which is why he was asked to leave immediately. As Young Africans we don't even want to hear about him," Hassan Bumbuli, the Yanga spokesman, tells KickOff.com.

"After our termination letter the government issued a statement stating that this guy has to leave with immediate effect. Once government says that you are prohibited to come back again. As Tanzanians we are still in the same position about him. We are not influencing other countries to do the same as us but as a country we feel ashamed to have worked with him and are not able to recommend him anywhere because of the racist remarks he made about our fans. If South Africa allows there is nothing, we can do but in Tanzania we are still in the same standing.

"Fans could have done things to him because they were waiting for him outside the stadium, but the police calmed the situation. We are not racist but some of these guys come to Africa with a bad attitude. If these guys are good coaches why are they running to African countries every day? It is because they are not getting a job anywhere in Europe. They come to Africa and then start insulting the fans of the club that is paying you.

"Sometimes these guys must learn the hard way. We do understand that he is a good coach but he has that attitude which is not acceptable for us as Tanzanians so we cannot even recommend that any club works with him. What he did was humiliation to all our fans. How do you call our fans monkeys? This is not allowed here. Calling people like that and shouting is something that we cannot tolerate as Young Africans," says Bumbuli.

Various organisations have made the same detestation of the Belgian, who has a habit of courting controversy in just about every job that he holds on the continent.

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