Lovers reveals truth behind ID scandal


Former Mamelodi Sundowns star 'Jethro' Lovers Mohlala explains why he had to change his name to Lovers and creates another mystery in the process.

In the early stages of his football career while still at Wits University FC the versatile Mohlala was known as Jethro, but later on reports surfaced that he was using someone else's name.

"Remember there was a story that I stole somebody's ID? There was a court case. I was taken to court. You see it's good that I need to give somebody an opportunity to write about something that was speculation," Mohlala opens up to

"I was from North West, all my stuff was in North West. When I started school they wouldn't want a [birth] certificate. And when they made a tournament my certificate was nowhere to be found, and the process was long and my mother was working then.

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"To get the certificate your parent needed to accompany you. Without a parent you wouldn't get a certificate. Eventually the discussion between my family and my cousin, I don't know what took place, but I ended up using my cousin's name.

"There was a time I was with the national team somewhere and eventually I didn't go because I was forced to take the passport in his name. Now what I did is that I had to get my own certificate... you know when you play in those leagues people will ask you, 'But you were this one, now you are this one?'

"I was never registered as Jethro Mohlala at the PSL. I was [always] registered as Lovers. You can check with the PSL. Jethro was a cousin.

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"You know people, they didn't know how far you would go with football. You know what's the worst part? People that reported me that I was using another man's [certificate]... it's people that coached me from childhood, and some are scouts now in big teams.

"And he was caught again for making somebody cheat, the same person who made me do what I did. And he's known to the PSL. He was even an assistant coach of a professional team. Eventually he is working for a team that I used to play for.

"You see I was not the only one. We were a lot. The case was decided in court. They asked [my cousin], 'Did you apply for an ID, Jethro?' He said, 'Yes, I did apply.' Did you have any challenges? 'No.'

"'Lovers, where's your ID?' 'Here's my ID.' Age is not similar, months are not similar [to Jethro's]. Now eventually the court threw out the case. They said there was no case here."

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