‘Chiefs boo-boys didn’t chase me away’


Nkhatha initially signed a pre-contract with SuperSport earlier this month before moving after the two clubs agreed terms over his immediate transfer.

“As a footballer you need to know where your future is,” he says. “I mean, when someone comes with a three-year deal and the other comes with a one-year deal, what would you do? You will obviously choose the three-year deal because you will be securing your future.

“So my decision was based on that … securing my future. It is not like I ran away from pressure because for me each and every game I played for Chiefs there was pressure, but I kept on doing what the coach asked of me.

“Joining SuperSport had nothing to do with being booed, but rather securing my future because I am also a normal human being with a life to live and family to take care of. I have to plan my life and secure my future.

“If Chiefs had offered me a contract that secured my future then I would have stayed. I cannot blame the Chiefs fans because they always expect more from everyone who plays for Chiefs.

“It was always going to be difficult for me to leave a club where I have contributed towards the run of 18 games unbeaten, but in the end I had to secure my future. This was more about securing my future.

“I had to sit down with my family and discuss the offer from Chiefs and SuperSport. My family then said take your own decision and in the end I had to take the SuperSport decision to secure my future before anything else.”