Khan: Why coaches are losing their jobs


Football expert Farouk Khan has sought to explain the series of coaching changes engulfing local clubs so far this season.

Both the Premier Soccer League and GladAfrica Championship have recently seen a host of changes in the coaching department.

"The two things you must remember when you become a coach is, one you're going to get fired, and you're going to die," Khan tells

"However, when it comes to coaching and coaches losing their jobs in the early part of the season, it comes back to the club, philosophy, identity, it comes back to whether whoever employed you went through all the different steps.

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"So the risk of being fired at a club is greater than being fired at a big corporation because in at a big company the process is more stringent than what we do in football.

"In football sometimes we are guided by emotions.

"A coach does well at a certain club, and we believe he is the right man for the job, but we don't go through the process of ticking all the boxes.

"In South Africa, we don't have technical directors to interview these people, it's mostly club administrators who interview these people.

"So they want to win at all costs and they believe a coach must produce results in a short term. I don't blame them because they've invested a lot of money.

"You can't blame club owners for wanting a club to do well. Let's say any club in the PSL if you want to buy it now you will probably spend close to about R50 million.

"But if that particular team gets relegated the value now decreases to about R10 million. So that is an 80% drop in worth.

"So there's obviously going to be a case of clubs wanting a coach to succeed in a short term.

"The main issue is, they are losing revenues if it gets relegated. So at the end of the day, it's about rands and cents."

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