Komphela: Blessings and burdens are cousins

It's a given that the position at the helm of the country’s most popular club comes with as much prestige as it does unsavoury elements especially when you have started off your first two years with nothing to show.

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“Burdens and blessings being cousins, that is how it goes,” sounds off Komphela in his trademark urbane tongue.

“If you are at Chiefs and get nothing, it doesn’t go well. Even if you end position four, the small steps that you got and the positives count for nothing if you don’t have a trophy.

"So it just goes. For you personally as a human being it is growth because the greatest growth happens in discomfort. You want to grow more, accept more pressure. If you don’t want to grow then sit at home, relax and don’t welcome pressure.

“So to me personally, I’m not the same person that I had been before I came here. First season, I was at five. Second season, through pressure I’m on eight. Maybe I am designed to be at 15 but only pressure can take me to 15. So I welcome that because the ambitions remain the same."

Komphela also makes it known that the ultimate goal will remain what it has always been for Chiefs – to win trophies.

“The brief or mandate that Chiefs must win trophies like any other big team and the mission for this season, bring excitement, good football, please your people because there are a lot of people who want to see this team succeed. This team was built on the culture and tradition of winning trophies. We are no different, we don’t have to be treated with kid gloves.  We still need to be given the responsibility like any other person to win trophies, that is all,” says Komphela.

The trophy at stake this afternoon – the Carling Black Label Champion Cup – might be of little significance but it doesn’t reduce the weight of the opponent.

It is Kaizer Chiefs versus Orlando Pirates after all.

“The pressure is there and there are bragging right but for me it is more to the supporters. You will get information, yes but the most important aspect is what the supporters feel and think about their players. Very important,” he says adding that this remains a game that must be won regardless of ‘hurdles’ around this fixture.

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Team selection is in the hands of the fans for this particular contest.

“The danger of not having control yet remaining responsible is what we face. It is going to be a nice experience. We get information from these matches and it is beautiful that we at least get to understand what they feel about the players and the squad that they have. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to have a voice completely and we try facilitate that. Not trying to say that we don’t listen to what they say during the season but this one is completely in their hands and it is interesting how it will unfold,” he adds.