‘Official overused his powers on Nkosi’


The midfielder was getting ready to come on as a substitute when match officials instructed him to cut his nails before coming on. As a result, Nkosi sat on the bench for the entire match as Chiefs beat Wits 3-0.

“There is no rule that says anything about long nails,” De Goede tells KickOff.com. “The rulebook specifies jewelry as well as things like undergarments.

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“I mean, how do you ascertain that nails are long? If I was a match official I would have definitely allowed the player to come on.”

De Goede stresses that the matter doesn’t fall under common sense.

“When you talk about common sense you are talking about something that is within the application of the rules, something that requires a referee to act in the spur of the moment.

“And the issue of long nails has got nothing to do with common sense. I think in this case the match official overused his powers by denying a player a chance to play because of long nails.”