Khanye: Please bring back Zongo


Junior Khanye has made a passionate plea to South African football to bring back skilful midfielder Masibusane Zongo.

Crowd-pleaser Zongo has disappeared from the local scene and last year signed for Extension Gunners in Botswana.

However, since leaving the country for Gaborone last year nothing has been reported regarding his whereabouts, although it is believed he is back home in the Eastern Cape.

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A lot of questions have been asked about Zongo's whereabouts and another person to worry about the former Platinum Stars, Chippa United and SuperSport United midfielder's career is none other than former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Khanye, who also used to dazzle local fans with his skills.

Scroll through the photos above for a reminder of some of Zongo's outrageous moments

"First thing I want to thank you for allowing me talk about Masibusane Zongo. I can talk the whole day about him," Khanye tells

"For me he remains one of the best players I have ever witnessed with my naked eye playing football in South Africa. Some players make up their football career with hard work and talent but that boy is gifted. He is a rare breed.

"But the problem again in South Africa, we are judgmental. He has been put in the same breath as us. That's the sad story of South African football. We are not protecting our talent like what Brazilians do to the likes of Ronaldihno and Neymar.

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"It's not that they don't make mistakes. The media in Brazil is proud of their talent and it's rare to find them reporting negative stuff about their players. Neymar missed four weeks of pre-season with PSG but I tell you if it was in South Africa it was going to be another story.

"The story of Zongo is the same. What a talent! Please let's give the boy a chance. If the chairman of Ngwaabe City Motors can give me a chance at the age of 34, why not Masibusane Zongo who is still so young?

"I am pleading with club chairmen in the PSL and NFD to give this young man a chance. He has never killed anyone. There are people that have done worse mistakes, there are people that killed people and served sentences but they have come back to operate big businesses. Some are even multi-millionaires.

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"Let's give Zongo a chance. South African football needs Zongo. Players like him, Scara Ngobese and Jabu Mahlangu are very difficult to find these days. Players that play South African football. Yes he has made mistakes like all of us but everyone deserves a second chance in life."

Khanye is already planning to bring Zongo to a festive season tournament in his hometown of Daveyton in December.

"I am planning to invite him for a tournament ekasi in December. Sifuna ukuzojabulisa abantu sishaye i-net [we want to make people happy and score goals]. I like the boy so much and used to come and see him when he was still playing for Platinum Stars.

"We lost contact but I know I will find him and have a chat. That talent is too good to be lost to South African football," concluded Khanye.

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Watch the video below to see some of Zongo's entertaining skill