Vukusic in hospital, planning goodbyes

Former Polokwane City head coach Jozef Vukusic has been in hospital for almost two weeks because of problems with an artery but still plans to say his farewells at the club.

The Serb left the Absa Premiership side at the end of last season after helping them finish sixth in the league, their best ever record.

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"The past three weeks I was undergoing two operations," Vukusic reveals to

"So I am still in hospital because you know all the time there are small complications, they control me. I hope in two, three days I will leave the hospital. It was the left hand, but it was sore that one rib was pushing on the artery, and then this left hand was weak you know. So then this artery stopped at the end.

"So they took me here and they managed to clean the artery at the end, and then the second operation they took out the part of this rib that was pushing on the artery so they had to do it in two operations, so I starve because the last operation was on Thursday. And you know now the hand is so heavy, it's swollen, even some pain... but it's good that I'm here you know under control so everything is fine.

"I am hoping that maybe, end of the week I am out of hospital and then recover and everything will be okay. There was something on the rib which is not usual for old people but it happens normally. Sometimes when it's pushing on that artery, which is going between two bones, then you know it was damages. I have a feeling that the left hand is weaker but you know people say maybe I'm nervous or something like that."

Vukusic says he is planning on coming back to Polokwane by the end of June, to say his proper goodbyes once he gets better.

"Eh you know what I can tell you, you know I terminated with Polokwane but now I don't deal with that, I want to go out of hospital. I hope because I had planned to come on the 24th of June you know when the preparations start because I terminated until the 26th. So I was hoping to come back on that date but I will see, first I must have two to three days, the doctor gives me the final report and he will approve my trip... but I will come anyway, I will come end of the month. It is my plan. Now I'm nine days here.

"It's not like I'm coming to resolve the situation, my resignation is there so... my termination is final, there is nothing to change. But you know I don't want to go only like that [without saying goodbye]. So I think I've got to come shake the hands, wish all the best, so I take it like that."

Has club chairman Johny Mogaladi accepted his resignation?

"I don't know, you must ask them, but there is nothing to accept or not accept you know. It's the fact. But like I said now I don't want to speculate, I need to relax and come end of the month then I can make the statement as well regarding the situation," he adds.

"This is life you know. You have soccer then you have life. I understand because it's not easy to get a job in that league and it's a good league, a nice league. I am happy for the last season but the life got to that situation for me. It's not easy and I don't want to comment now too much. People speculate a lot you know, their comments they are normal, some are positive to me some are negative.

"When the time comes I will do my statement but not now, it's difficult here. I came home to be with family, now I'm nine days in hospital. So it's not nice you know, I wanted to be with my daughter, my wife we planned a holiday, we had to cancel it."