Black Jesus sorry for causing offence


Swallows FC striker Joseph Mhlongo has apologised to the PSL family for his goal celebration against Kaizer Chiefs.

The man known as 'Black Jesus' netted a late winning goal off his knee against Amakhosi on Tuesday and celebrated emphatically with his teammates at Dobsonville Stadium.

Mhlongo explained to on Wednesday that the celebration came from childhood memories and just stuck with him over the years.

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However, it appears either the Dube Birds or the former Black Leopards man himself received a backlash for his actions, prompting him to apologise through a video message issued by the club's media team.

"Good morning fellow South Africans, this is Joseph Mhlongo, Swallows FC player," he said from the training ground.

"I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the football fraternity, especially those who are offended about my celebration. It wasn't my intention to offend you guys.

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"To me, the celebration comes a long way from primary [school] when I was playing football. It was a celebration whereby the teacher that was coaching me in the football was beating me in class. So I decided to mock him and say, 'You know what, as much as you are beating me, I will score in the afternoon and this is how I will celebrate.'

"And that's how I grew up with the celebration. So I'm aware that a lot of people are offended about the celebration and it wasn't my intention so I just want to take this opportunity to apologise. Thank you."

View Mhlongo's celebration with his Swallows teammates below – did you see anything wrong?

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