Mourinho endorses Chelsea Christmas Party

The Blues are currently unbeaten in all competitions so far this season, and Mourinho feels it is only right to reward the players for the commitment and effort they have put in thus far.

“Probably, because of that, the club is preparing a little Christmas party for them and their families,” said the Portuguese.

“Maybe because their families also deserve it. For good things, we’ll find the time. The traditional hospital visits and charity stuff, we also have time for that. And because this is a squad with lots of kids – young guys with kids from a couple of weeks to 10 years old – I think it will be good for them.”

Chelsea were meant to have a Christmas Party last year too, which included an organised dinner at one of London’s top restaurants as well as a night out clubbing, however, a shock loss to Sunderland in the League Cup prompted the boss to abandon the plans.

This time around, though, the two-time Premier League-winning mentor feels the players and their families are more deserving of the festivities.

“There are Christmas parties and ‘Christmas parties’,” said Mourinho.

“This one I think the families deserve and the boys are very happy to be with their families. My kids are 14 and 18. I don’t think they belong at this [kind of] party.

"But I think I have to go to say a couple of words and after that, to leave the players there with their families and kids.”