Comitis reveals Teko's new role


Cape Town City chairman John Comitis discusses Teko Modise's new role at the club now that he has retired from playing.

The 36-year-old Soweto-born midfielder recently decided to hang up his playing boots to bring an impressive career to an end.

Comitis says the player's decision to retire did not come overnight, but it was something they had discussed for a long time.

"Well it's something we've been discussing for a couple of months now," Comitis tells

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"We've got some exciting plans for Teko going forward. He is not going to be involved in coaching. I know that football clubs are built around people that have football knowledge. It's important to keep him close to us and I think he is going to be an asset to the club in many ways. He is definitely going to play a role because he understands the philosophy of our club, and he certainly understands what South African football is all about.

"It's something new that hasn't happened in South Africa, you know he is not just going to be in one place. He's got the capacity for much value, he can give us technical information. We can include him on decision-making on recruitment of certain key players for the first team, in the marketing in dealing with fans and the fanbase, when we go to sponsors and we talk about South African football, and to try convince sponsors to invest in football.

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"You know these are all the areas Teko can play a major role in. He's got a role as an ambassador... almost like a jack of all trades you know, he's capable of adding value to many aspects of the growth of this club. Even when it comes to building a stadium, he will have an opinion that will count for us as a footballer. You know bringing the fans close to the pitch when you build a stadium, etc. This is priceless input that we can get from Teko."

Comitis stressed the importance of giving former players a chance at clubs after their careers are over.

"Well we are definitely trying to change the way football is perceived, and you know we identify values. Here's Benni McCarthy, from not having coached a single team, two seasons in there he's nominated as one of the coaches of the season. So you know when there's desire and will, and people who are like-minded, anything is possible." 

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