Ex-PSL star opens up on life in prison


Ex-Ajax Cape Town and Santos defender Jeremy Jansen remains grateful that prison life did not destroy him but he came back to live in the community.

Jansen spent time in prison after being sentenced for abduction, attempted rape and assault which was alleged to have been committed at Sunrise Beach in Muizenburg in 2002.

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After a trial that took almost two years, the former Urban Warriors player was then thrown to the lions and left to survive life at the notorious Pollsmoor Prison.

Despite spending some time behind bars, Jansen has still managed to come back strong to live a normal life with his family and the community, even though the scars of spending time in prison are still fresh in his mind.

"They don't have time to play when inside prison. The gangsters are all over the prison. The only way to survive is to show the gangsters respect, otherwise you will be the victim," Jansen tells Lovemore Moyo in the new KICK OFF Magazine now on sale.

"Anything can happen to you when you are in there and some of it is so scary and disgusting, I cannot even mention."

Even though he is no longer playing football, Jansen is still involved in sport and helping with coaching projects in Cape Town.

Read the full Jeremy Jansen interview in the great new August edition of the magazine – read online here – where he his shares his experiences and how he survived drugs and gangsterism at Pollsmoor.

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