Tshisevhe: Witchcraft has destroyed me


Jacob Tshisevhe believes witchcraft has cursed his entire life ever since his struggles while earning R1 200 playing for Kaizer Chiefs.

Rustenburg-born Tshisevhe spent a little over six years at Chiefs from 1993 to 2000 and made more than 200 appearances for the club before leaving under controversial circumstances.

According to reports at the time, Chiefs refused to issue the player his clearance when he left, eventually settling the matter in court, and he was snapped up by Mamelodi Sundowns in October 2001.

Tshisevhe recently claimed Amakhosi chairman Kaizer Motaung instructed the late ex-Sundowns coach Ted Dumitru not to play him during the 2001/02 season.

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The next season he last just three more months at Chloorkop during a turbulent spell at the club when caretaker coaches were coming and going, and eventually went on to retire at the now-defunct City Pillars in 2003. During the same period, Dumitru was hired by Chiefs and won back-to-back league titles.

Today the 51-year-old Tshisevhe believes he has been cursed throughout his life and says it was difficult to save money as a player because he lived from hand to mouth.

"Saving money? At that stage my brother you can't save anything because you only get R1 200," Tshisevhe tells KickOff.com after saying in our previous interview that he earned the same salary until at least 1997.

"You've got family to take care of, you've got children... you've got all of those things that you have to take care of. But what are you going to do with R1 200? Mos that's transport money, there's nothing that you can do with it.

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"I believe that when you get to a team there should be a way of assisting you on how to make a living out of football rather than them oppressing you just because you are new. People think because you are from the farms you know nothing. So they will treat you that way for a long time."

Today 'Asinamali' is not working and puts the blame on a neighbour, who is also a close family friend, for his misfortunes.

"I was married then, you know life... I've got children, three girls and one boy," Tshisevhe continues, before opening up on all his problems.

"You know currently my brother life is so difficult you see. I rely on hustling. You know us guys we hustle you see. Ja life has been difficult for me, but I have been working hard, do you get me?

"I've worked in the mines, thing didn't go well for me. I've tried some businesses, they were closed you know. You know here in the villages there's a lot of people who are jealous of you. And especially seeing that I'm the first player to play in the PSL. So other people will be jealous of you.

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"I've tried a lot of things. I started a restaurant, and there comes another guy from our village by the name of Paul Masipa... you know blacks like to shine with money. Money talks. So dis waar, their money worked for them while we are suffering. So he's the one who destroyed my career this Paul Masipa.

"As I'm saying, there are a lot of things black people do – they will bewitch you. I didn't believe witchcraft existed you know, but with this guy I've seen it does because he was after me again in Joburg where I was staying in Yeoville.

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"They did a lot of things at my home because I bought two taxis for my father. That guy's younger brother, we've never been friends, but after I bought my father taxis he became my father's friend. Our taxi would load people today, after two days it broke down.

"There was no money coming in. I told my father, 'What do you want from this guy? He will hurt you this guy as they did with me while I was still living in Johannesburg playing football.'

"Remember there was an era where no one wanted anything to do with me in football, coaches giving me attitude... so that's when everything went bad for me... and ja that guy is aware that I also know.

"They've destroyed my life my brother, even now I'm not working, I'm not married. What irritates me more is that I haven't raised my children, while they've raised theirs. Their children went to school, they are still happy today, their businesses are still running, ours have collapsed.

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"It means they destroy all the other businesses in our village. There's a lot of people who had businesses today, those businesses they are nowhere to be seen. But them, their businesses don't fail, they've got cows, they've got taxis, their wives have top jobs, their children have top jobs.

"Meanwhile you, when you try something, after three months it collapses. You get a girlfriend, after three months she's gone. So this thing pains me because even at home they are passing there every day and they just look at me. They no longer phone me like they used to, to check on me.

"They've put a bad spell on me so that people hate me. So it feels bad my brother. Even if now I'm trying something like starting a football academy, but now these people my bra yerrr! I'm telling you even if when you are dead, they will still bewitch you.

"So that's how my football was messed up. At the moment I'm staying at home, people are laughing at me, they don't even know how was my life at Kaizer Chiefs but they will say, 'Aah he's driving a Skorokoro, he's not working, Chiefs gave him money.' They don't even know how much I used to earn at Chiefs."

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