Khoza on Mato: Let's not be half-pregnant


PSL chairman Irvin Khoza has sought to explain the reason behind their seemingly lackadaisical approach to appoint a new permanent CEO.

The League appointed Golden Arrows boss Mato Madlala acting Chief Executive since Brand De Villiers quit the position in November 2015 to join Multichoice.

It has now been four years since, and the Premier Soccer League have still not resolved the ‘conflict’ of having a club boss double up as the authoritative figure within the league’s governing body.

“I am asked the same question [repeatedly]. Let’s make a declaration‚ once and for all. Let’s not be half-pregnant,” Khoza told the media after the NSL’s AGM, where they on Thursday declared a record R1-billion revenue.

“Let’s decide either to take her as full-time CEO‚ [meaning she has to] leave her position at Arrows; or get a permanent CEO. Because we can’t have it this way. We can’t have her acting and acting.”

The ‘Iron Duke’ further explained that while the hope is to find a permanent CEO, the positive feedback received from the various clubs have him between a rock and a hard place on whether to relieve Madlala or to appoint her on a permanent basis.

“She’s doing a fantastic job, but it’s also not good for her because it demands so much of her time‚ and she’s a person who is hands-on at her club,” he explained.

“To be a CEO of the league is not an easy job‚ especially for a league as big and demanding as ours. So, maybe the time will come sooner than I expect to make a determination, but the clubs themselves come and say to me‚ ‘Chairman‚ she’s doing a fantastic job’.

“I’m on record to say we must have a new CEO. We were supposed to have one at the start of this season‚ I said last time, but all the voices are saying something different‚ which makes it difficult for me.”