Khoza confirms VAR talks for PSL


The Premier Soccer League chairman Irvin Khoza has confirmed that talks will be held with SAFA over the possible introduction of Video Assistant Referees in the league.

Calls for VAR have been rife in recent weeks, with plenty of criticism going towards referees, whose decisions have led to some shocking outcomes in the 2019/20 season thus far.

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Coaches, players and supporters alike have all stood in unison over the poor officiating that has degraded the value of South African club football at the elite level.

This has since made its way up to the PSL’s hierarchy, who will now be looking to accede to the calls for the latest in world class technology to battle the epidemic of poor officiating.

“The most important thing that emerged out of the AGM [on Thursday] was the request by members of the board of governors that we request SAFA for a meeting to discuss the issues of referees,” said Khoza.

“Fortunately, we had present with us SAFA acting CEO Mr Gay Mokoena and Mr William Walker, and they’ve agreed to take the matter up.

“There are also some recommendations that we have on our side, which are innovative, and one of those things we want to discuss in the meeting [with SAFA] is the introduction of VAR. Because without the permission of SAFA, we can’t have VAR.”

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Asked how soon this could be resolved, the ‘Iron Duke’ conceded that it is a matter of urgency but assured that such discussions should be held in the proposed meeting with SAFA.

“We’ve asked the acting CEO to request if it’s possible to have that meeting [with SAFA], so it’s a matter that’s still on the conveyer belt,” he explained.

“There’s no decision yet and, well, it is urgent. Hopefully we’ll get an answer sooner because, instead of talking about it ourselves, we want to give [correct] answers.

“It’s a matter that is topical, therefore we should not speak out of turn because we may be speaking with wrong information. We need to understand the context of some of the things that we think are the problem.

“So, it’s very important to get first-hand information about these issues that are being raised by clubs – we also must emphasise that all those people who speak out of turn must be charged.”

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