How agents are affected by COVID-19

PSL Lockdown News has reached out to one of the country’s leading football agencies to find out how the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting them.

A sport agent is responsible for the effective management of their clients’ off-the-field affairs, most importantly contract negotiations and other personal necessities such as equipment and tools to get the job done on the pitch.

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Some go above and beyond to work on sponsorship deals and ensuring their clients’ comfort and health are all taken care of.

But given the current precautions and restrictions in place in the country, which are affecting football in particular, what are the challenges faced by the players’ managers?

“It’s difficult to say currently. Our primary concern now is ensuring all the players and their families are okay,” explains Siyavuma Sports Group’s Keegan Wasserfall.

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“With clubs basically shutting down, most players have been allowed to go to their respective homes before the lockdown, in order to self-isolate with their families.

“Many players aren’t that fortunate however, with some of the boys being from neighbouring African countries, so either they’re affected by travel bans and have to stay quarantined in their home country or forced to be in SA and away from their families.

“From a business perspective, we can only really see how it’s going to impact us in the coming weeks.

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“We just have to hope that agreements are respected by clubs and that outstanding payments due over the last few months of the season are respected by clubs.

“I’m confident they will be, because I’m sure the PSL won’t be stopping monthly grant payments to its member clubs.

“In terms of players who are unable to return home to their families, the key now is to assist in whatever way possible to make sure they are comfortable over the next three weeks and have enough resources in terms of dietary requirements.

“And we also have to make sure they’ve got the necessary equipment to follow their individual training programs given to them by their respective clubs.”

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Check out some of SSG's top clients in the PSL and other countries in the gallery above...