'Paez lied' - New twist in TTM debacle


Tshakhuma FC have responded to Gustavo Paez's accusations about unprofessionalism and explained the entire issue with his clearance.

The former Kaizer Chiefs striker, who was released by the Limpopo club before he even kicked a ball, says he is waiting for the club to provide him with a return ticket so he can go back to Venuezela.

"I'm waiting because these people don't want to send me the money and the ticket, so I don't know," Paez tells KickOff.com.

"I'm just here in Joburg waiting, but they don't reply to my messages, nothing. I'm asking for the ticket, for the salary, and nothing. They just read my messages and nothing. So I don't know if I have to go to Home Affairs for something like this because they are the ones who bring me to the country.

"They have to pay hotel for me, tickets and everything. Right now I'm in [Leonardo] Castro's house, but they have to give me a ticket to go to my country.

"They don't want to tell me nothing about the salary for October, and it's for half a month only. I signed a contract on the 15th of October for two seasons and one option.

"I don't know because somebody told me if they don't get my documents they are allowed to terminate my contract like this, but I don't know."

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Contacted for comment TTM CEO Sello Chokoe, who is a qualified lawyer, offered a full explanation of their reasons for terminating Paez's contract and his travel issues.

"This boy told us the borders are opened on the 1st of December, he will be in South Africa looking for a team. If he can't find a team until then he will leave in December. So now I'm shocked when he says we are refusing to buy him a ticket. That's not true," Chokoe insists.

"He is the one who left Venda saying he is going to Joburg to look for a team. He lied to us saying he's got a clearance when he did not have the clearance from the club.

"Remember with Chiefs what happened, they registered a player with a clearance from the Madagascar association. So he sent me that clearance from the [Venezuelan] association and I said, 'No, I'm not going to register you with the clearance from the association.'

"He still has a contract somewhere, so that's why he doesn't have his clearance certificate. The only obstacle here is him not having a clearance certificate from his previous team. If he had a clearance we would have registered him by now. The one he's got, it's from the association of Venezuela not from the team.

"That's what got Chiefs in trouble. Chiefs registered the player [Dax] with a clearance from the Madagascar association, not from his team.

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"When we bought him a ticket to come this side we did it with a return ticket. And his return ticket was for the 20th of December. So he has a return ticket, it's just a matter of bringing the date closer if he wants to leave as soon as tomorrow. There's no need for us to buy him another ticket, he's got it already. The return was for the 20th of December for the Christmas break.

"I don't know anything about salaries, hence I'm saying he doesn't have a contract with us. We terminated his contract when we realised that he's got another contract. That is the team that is going pay him, not us. Our contract was signed after he signed that one so it's null and void."

Chokoe also poured cold water on rumours that TTM chairman Masala Mulaudzi is considering selling the club due to financial concerns.

"And the issue of selling, no we are not selling the team and there won't be any other person buying shares in the team," he concludes.

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