Igesund delivers cautionary tale

An all-weather gaffer who has been coaching in domestic football since he started out as a player-coach at Witbank Aces in 1985, Igesund knows all too well about the fame and fortune tales in football just as he knows about the fall from grace stories.

Having seen players having to beg for jobs in the twilight of their playing days Igesund is not shy with his advice.

“Footballers of today’s generation have to realise that football is a business,” warns the veteran coach.

“If you work in the bank you have to be there on time and do your things properly, you got be disciplined and you've got to work very hard and football is no different. I think sometimes footballers take their lives way too easy.

"They are more concerned about going to the shopping centre after training instead of focusing on their training. The message that I want to get to the players is that this is a short term career and they need to look after themselves properly because they have been blessed by God to get the gift that they have got that enables them to play professional football.

“If you know how many SMSes coaches are getting every day from people, ex-players and players who are all telling you that please help me I have family but have no money. This is the situation that players should try and understand and I think I am in a position to try and explain it to the players.

"So players need to understand that this is their job and they need to work very, very hard. You need to come to work, do your job and after that go home and relax. It is fine to take your wife shopping but the moment when you are working you really need to work. Players really need to understand this."

South African football is laced with myriad rags to riches and then back to rags tales about footballers who blow their earnings in their prime and then cry foul when they are down and out at the end of their careers.

The landscape of domestic football is littered with so many tattered dreams of out of contract players that they might as well make their own league.