Ex-Pirates star to release tell-all book


Former Orlando Pirates defender Gora Ebrahim will soon be releasing a tell-all book about his life as a professional footballer and is keen for people to get to know more about him than remembering only his attack on a former coach.

The infamous incident when Ebrahim kicked Austrian coach Walter Rautmann in the chest after he had substituted him is also in the book.

At the time he was playing for Rabali Blackpool in 1995 and had to leave Thohoyandou Stadium escorted by police for his own safety.

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In the book Ebrahim will also explain for the first time in detail what made him act the way he did.

"I'm writing, I'm writing, I'm going to write it all. I've been writing for the whole year and I'm going to release a book," Ebrahim tells KickOff.com.

"The book is about me and my football, so that you can understand better what happened there. All that you people are seeing is that incident, but you don't know me. You judge me. Supporters we are all the same, we judge.

"So that is why I'm taking out a book so that you can understand what happened there. I started already just before lockdown, so I'm coming towards the end now. Now I'm starting to put my pictures, my photos. I must have someone to proof it.

"I write about my football, and I write about my academic career. You know that time we were not full-time professionals. You had to work during the day, and you play football in the evening.

"Like the white players, many of them had good jobs, they were having two incomes, and I was also one of those [fortunate] guys, I went to school. \

"But a lot of black players at Pirates, Chiefs, they didn't have jobs. They were totally dependent on football. Now many of those guys, they end up on the streets. They end up with nothing because they had nothing to fall back on.

"And I write about an incident with Ace Mnini. I was coaching under-19 after my incident with the coach. I still had a coaching job. I was still okay.

"I met Joel 'Ace' Mnini, he was coaching Moroka Swallows' Caltex Colts under-19. I was with Megawatt Park. After the game Joel asked me for a taxi fare to go home. I wanted to cry, because I saw Joel Mnini at his best."

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