Disco blasts 'average' Chiefs, Bucs


Ex-Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Frank 'Disco' Makua has come down hard on the current crop of players at the two Soweto giants.

Makua, who arrived at Kaizer Chiefs in 1995 like a duck to water, believes some players don't deserve to wear the gold and black of Amakhosi, nor the black and white of Orlando Pirates.

"Despite everything that people get nowadays they still can't perform well," Makua tells KickOff.com.

"I can say it's lack of confidence in the players. They don't believe they have that in them. Most of the players that are there now are average players. You find that a person is playing for Kaizer Chiefs but when you look at his standard, you ask yourself how come this guy joined Kaizer Chiefs?

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"Because in our days to be honest it was difficult, to be even in the 18 [man squad] of Kaizer Chiefs. To be in the team that was going to camp, 18 players had to be selected. It was tough my brother. But now you can see anybody... ah it's no longer difficult to play for those teams Chiefs, Pirates you see, like it used to be. 

"That is why most of them when they play you can tell that this guy has no basics, he lacks in a lot of things but there he is wearing a Kaizer Chiefs jersey. That is why you are no longer able to see if someone can take players on, if he is able to change a game, if he is able to hold the game... because most of them now they listen too much to the coaches and these coaches don't teach them the right stuff. 

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"Today's coaches are even scared to lose, they don't want to lose. They are happy to see a game end 1-1, 0-0 you understand? What about the people who travelled long distance to watch the game? In our time we used to feel for those people. 

"Imagine you are going to play in Mthatha, a rural area. When you get there you find a person who took his last ten rand he should have used to buy bread for his children to watch you play. But you still disappoint him. Things like that touched our hearts. The first priority was to make the people happy because without them it will be difficult to play. How are you going to play when the ground is empty? How are you going to perform?

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"So these players nowadays ah... that's why you find most of the stadiums are empty. In those days by 1 o'clock in the afternoon you couldn't even find a space to set your foot, it was already full. But now ah, you can travel and get there around 14h30 for a 3 o'clock kick-off, you will still find the right seat and relax.

"I don't know where is the problem exactly, maybe this thing of modern football changed a lot of things... I don't understand what is our problem.

"In others you see there's talent but most of these players don't deserve to be in the PSL. We must not hide that. That is why the quality of football that is played nowadays is poor, too much. There are very few players you can see that can change the game, that can carry the whole team and change the game." 

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