Ex-PSL baller reveals big career choice


Former University of Pretoria midfielder Ronald Ketjijere is enjoying the benefits of education after having studied law through his prime of playing PSL football.

Ketjijere spent four years at AmaTuks and through that period he put spent his time away from the pitch on completing a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree at the same institution.

He is now employed as a civil servant back home in Namibia.

"I am now full-time practicing law," Ketjijere, who left Tuks after their relegation to the first division five years ago, tells KickOff.com.

"Currently I am in the Office of the Government Attorneys, doing civil litigation. We defend the government or institute proceedings on behalf of the government when we want to sue other private entities or individuals that owe government, maybe, money or have breached contracts. So, I am now a civil servant doing my normal daily shifts.

"I hold an LLB from the University of Pretoria, but I already had a B-Juris from the University of Namibia because I had already been studying at UNAM. I then completed my studies at Tuks.

"When I was playing for University of Pretoria, I was a full-time student at the university as well. There wasn’t any subsidiary of any sort while I was there, and the lecturers were not even aware of those arrangements.

"You are basically on your own and you make arrangements with regards to notes when you can’t come to class due to training or games. The studies were not linked to the football. I had to do my own plans with regards to the studies while the football club would then expect you to be attending all their training sessions just like any other player."

With Namibian football having been in chaos through most of the time he has been back home, the 33-year-old is now only playing at a social level.

"I still want to play for another two years before I call it quits, but I have already retired from international football," he confirms.

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