Nkosi sussing out Meyiwa

Meyiwa recently made his professional debut and scored for Amakhosi as they beat Cape Town City 2-0 in their Absa Premiership clash in the Mother City last week.
The Amajita star was promoted at the start of the season, and has already raised the excitement level of fans aplenty with his 179 minutes for The Glamour Boys this season.
However, Nkosi, who had two separate stints at Naturena prior to retiring in 2016, has yet to fully understand what the 17-year-old midfielder is all about. 
“I’ve actually struggled to conclude – because I’ve watched him twice with Chiefs now, and I’ve seen a little bit of him in the under-20 national team – as to what his strongest attributes are, and where he would actually be best suited in this Chiefs team,” Nkosi tells KickOff.com.
“There’s a few glimpses of something good about him but he hasn’t given me a conclusion as to what kind of player he is or what his strengths and weaknesses are. Maybe I need to watch him more.
“Maybe he’s still going to show me exactly what is it that I can know him for because, even in the last game [vs Bidvest Wits], I thought his performance was too flat for me get information about him.
“I’m going to give myself time and watch him more, and maybe he will bring out what exactly he’s about.”
With just two starts under his belt, the 36-year-old pundit believes it’s still too early to judge, although he admits there is some potential in the youngster.
“Even though it’s early days, he still hasn’t brought it out. There’s different types of players – some you watch once and you know, ‘this player’s profile is like this and that’, but with Wiseman I still struggle to come to a full conclusion,” he adds.
“I’ve seen certain things [in him] but I haven’t gotten to a point where I would say, ‘Meyiwa is this type of player’ or 'he can replace so-and-so,’ yet."