Mokgothu back at Swallows

Mokgothu was previously with Swallows before joining Kaizer Chiefs at the start of the 2014/15 campaign.

However, the left-back left Naturena after two seasons without playing a single game for the Soweto giants.

Mokgothu, who had a spell with Baberwa FC in the ABC Motsepe League last year, is currently assessing his options while working on his fitness with the Dube Birds in the third tier.

"Locally I have nothing that I can say is working towards anything because I'm just training right now with Swallows just to keep fit and see how things go on," Mokgothu tells

"This is actually my second week, So I have spoken to management and they have been asking if I'll be interested. But for now I just want to keep fit until January and see how things goes."

Mokgothu was believed to be working on a move to South America in the off-season but says things got complicated when he was hijacked.

"Actually I got hijacked a while back. I was in my final stages of making a move that side. So that's when the necessary documents were taken so I had to even apply for an ID again and it has taken time. So those people have put a little bit of a hold up on it because I had to discuss with the manager that was actually in charge of the deal.

"So with everything in the car being lost it took us a lot of time again and he has been trying to to call me and I only got hold of him after three days or so and I had to explain. It was a little bit of a stumble. I hope everything will come all right in no time because that was the only move I was working on, the South American one. Ja, then he said to me he's still trying to have something that side."

The Platinum Stars youth product's feels his career has been on the wane due to bad management.

"I would say on my side what I have noted actually, I had a little bit of a setback where I was relying on someone, which is my agent to revive my talent. So if I could do things differently in my way there are a lot of things I could have done differently... sometimes you have a  manager or agent who relaxes when he should be doing things for you."

At 28, Mokgothu believes he still has at least three years of professional football left.

"Actually I give myself last three years. When I get to 30 I wanna be playing football for the love of it. If you gonna be chasing money instead of football you will end up getting frustrated because now teams are quite sceptical in terms of age, money and all that. So all I wanna do is to play football for the love of it. Should there be any money coming in... it should be from my company."