Pizarro falls in love with SA fans

Pizarro is currently in South Africa with The River Islanders for their mid-season break as they prepare for the second half of the Bundesliga season in Germany.

Bremen are set to face Chiefs' reserves in a friendly tie behind closed doors on Sunday afternoon, before wrapping up their tour against Bidvest Wits on Friday.

The former Bayern Munich and Chelsea star, along with teammates Sebastian Langkamp and Theodor Gebre Selassie, took some time to enjoy some local football action as Sundowns came out 2-1 victors over Amakhosi.

The Peruvian international felt there were glimpses of quality both individually and collectively from both sides, but was more enthralled by the jovial supporters.

"I think it's not easy to play on such a fast-paced pitch. We don't have that in Europe, but I know in Peru it's the same," said Pizarro.

"But the quality is good, when they have the ball they have players with a good quality, but maybe when they don't have the ball they are not that fast to get it back - that's maybe the difference.

"Of course, as I said the pitch and the temperatures are different so it looks more slow, but it's not really like that."

Of the crowd reactions, the 40-year-old added: "I enjoyed it a lot. I think the atmosphere here is icredible, it's like a party and I like to dance, so when I see the people dancing I want to stand and dance as well. It's something special I think."