Muti: Baboon hand dug up at training


A former African footballer retells true stories about muti rituals involving baboon hands, chickens and coconuts.

Does muti work in football? That's a question many soccer fans have asked themselves but still they remain with no definitive answers.

It's no secret that many football teams in Africa believe in muti but the question is always raised again: If muti was a winning formula, why has no African team ever won the World Cup?

Just like the dark secrets of inmates' lifestyles in prison, the stories of muti usage in football is difficult to trace amongst club officials.

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But was fortunate to meet a former soccer player who used to play for one of the big teams in Africa, and he was prepared to share some of the rituals teams go through before games.

However, the name of the player shall remain anonymous to protect his former club.

"You know sometimes we would go to training and after that go straight to camp. When we arrived in camp we would bath with muti and break coconuts. At 12 midnight we would wake up again to bath and sleep. At 5am we are up again 'siyophalaza'," says the former player.

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"I remember one day there was this man that came to pray for us. He was from one of the African countries. He would pray in a language we couldn't understand. He would burn incense and pray on top of the smoke.

"Then he would bring a live chicken and put it on top of the players' heads. It would sit there, stand still, and later the chicken would be killed. You won't believe sometimes we would go bath in a river at 12 midnight."

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The former international recalls how one day they dug up a baboon hand at training.

"In the bathroom we would bath and then we were given some special sachets wrapped in brown tape to put in our socks. We were told not to misplace those sachets," he continues.

"I also remember one day a baboon hand was planted at our training ground by a certain team.

"We went there at 12 midnight with a traditional healer. We all bathed at the centre line and guess what, they dug out the baboon hand at the centre of the training ground."

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