'Return in three weeks? Not in hell'


Orlando Pirates administrative manager Floyd Mbele has given an indication of when football will likely resume should the PSL decide to forge ahead with the season.

Local football fans are waiting anxiously to learn what will happen with the remainder of the 2019/20 season, with decisions to end campaigns becoming a trend around the world.

And with South Africa currently in a partially subdued nationwide lockdown, which still prohibits large gatherings and domestic travel, it is unlikely that players will take to the field anytime soon.

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So, should the PSL decide that play will continue at a time when government gives the green light, Mbele believes a minimum of at least four-to-six weeks of training will need to be factored in once the League's suspension is lifted.

"It will take four-to-six weeks minimum [to resume the season], which is why you have a pre-season, for the bodies to be able to be in tip-top condition," Mbele tells KickOff.com.

"Do you call training on their own in a small town house a training programme? Not all players have big yards to be running around the yard [to keep fit].

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"Now, somebody in a 50-by-50 town house, where are they going to be running? Can we risk putting a player through two or three weeks [of training] to be able to go back to competitive football?

"If it was three weeks [needed to get back to full fitness], why do teams go for six weeks of pre-season when players are also given a training programme during off-season?

"All players get a programme after the Nedbank Cup but that's so that they don't lose everything they've done, and at that time, there's Virgin Active or they can run in the street and do all those things. So why is pre-season then not three weeks?

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"I would never bring my players [to play competitive football] in three weeks, I can tell you that much. Not in hell."

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