FIFPro urges SAFA action over Miheso


The Kenyan international claims a gun was held to his head before he signed a termination letter with Golden Arrows on January 14. He laid a charge with police but later withdrew it, claiming he feared for his life.

Mato Madlala, who is owner of Golden Arrows and also the acting CEO of the Premier Soccer League (PSL), has dismissed the allegations, while producing what the club says is a note written and signed by the player, which denounces the allegations as untrue.

“We are deeply concerned that any player should have to face such an ordeal, and then allegedly be made to cover up the truth to protect the club and its officials,” FIFPro General Secretary Theo van Seggelen said.

“We urge the South African football federation to take what happened to Clifton Miheso very seriously.”

No investigation from the PSL or SAFA has yet been instituted and it seems likely none will be forthcoming with the police complaint withdrawn.

That the alleged incident has now made global news should be of major embarrassment to the PSL at the very least, and much more seriously than that jeopardises the reputation of local clubs, the league and South African football to global eyes, especially as Madlala is such a high-ranking official within the organisation.