'Kambole needs same as Collins, Musona'


Former Kaizer Chiefs assistant coach Farouk Khan says the club's new striker Lazarous Kambole should be given enough time to settle, as they did with Collins Mbesuma and Knowledge Musona when they arrived.

Mbesuma, who is also from Zambia like Kambole, only started shining for Amakhosi in 2005 even though he joined in 2004. It was the same with Zimbabwean former favourite Musona, who was first labeled a 'buy one get one free' by doubters.

"I think he is a good player," Khan tells KickOff.com.

"Kambole is a player that I think scored a lot of goals for his club in Zambia, and I think if given time he will score goals as well. He just needs to be given time to settle down, he will score goals.

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"Under Muhsin [Ertugral] he hardly played [Mbesuma], it's only afterwards when he started making his mark. In football when a player moves from one club to another there's what we call an adaptation period, and sometimes the adaptation period is longer for some than others.

"So we must just be patient with Kambole he's going to score goals and when he starts scoring he will be a hit. It's the adaptation period, once he is over that period he will start scoring goals. They must just be patient.

"If you can remember David Radebe, when we won the league, when Ted [Dumitru] and I won the league, David didn't score many goals but he created many spaces for the likes of Mbesuma to score. Because with his runs he created space and this is what Kambole is doing for Chiefs, with those runs off the ball he is creating space for the other players to come and score goals.

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"Firstly what we did with Mbesuma was to give him the confidence that he should not worry about not scoring in the early days you know, he should not be too concerned about the outcome, so we focused on the process, what he needs to do. Not whether he should score or shouldn't score.

"We didn't talk about scoring, what needs to be done. In other words, processes versus outcome. We were more focused on the processes, not the outcomes. You should be supportive when he misses those goals, no striker goes out there to miss goals.

"So that is why I'm saying the process... for example positional play, technique, maybe his first touch is not good. So these are the processes that lead up to the goal."

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