Kadodia: I received a strange call


Maritzburg United chairman Farook Kadodia has revealed some of the challenges that almost sent them to the National First Division. 

Kadodia looking back at their tough season admitted they might have struggled to manage their success after their biggest achievement ever in 11 years reaching the Nedbank Cup final and finishing fourth the season before.

"We were coming from a good season finishing in the top and reaching the Nedbank Cup final, raising the profile of young players and the coach, that was an excitement we had," Kadodia said.

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"The first question I needed to ask myself is, did I manage success? Because we were overwhelmed by the achievement we had as a club, first Nedbank Cup ever in club history, players were then highly in demand, so yes the pressure was too much for the coach and players and we didn't react on it immediately."

Kadodia also revealed that when the team was not performing, they came across more challenges on and off the field as is always the case when any club faces their lowest phase, things can get out of hand and make it easier for outside forces to destabilise the club.

"We had to deal with the situation on and off the field, it was hard to motivate players because they felt everyone was against them," he continued.

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"After the [Bloemfontein] Celtic game I was traveling to London for business, I got a no caller ID phone call, it was about why are you fighting so hard to save this team, why can't you just accept relegation. It was no identity and was not threatening my life or some sort, but I had to be strong as a chairman and keep the team motivated."

With all the challenges he has faced as chairman, Kadodia said he will never stop fighting to keep the club in the top-flight for the sake of the community of the Midlands and the whole province.

"I've said it three years back, as long I'm still head of the board of this club, I will fight to keep this club for the people of Maritzburg and KwaZulu-Natal." 

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