Davids: I'm so happy for the players


Orlando Pirates co-coach Fadlu Davids was pleased with how the Buccaneers were able to turn their dominance into goals against Stellenbosch.

The Buccaneers got back to winning was a 3-0 win over Stellies thanks to a brace by Deon Hotto and another goal from Collins Makgaka.

Davids says what worked for them compared to their previous matches where they were struggling to score was to capitalise on their dominance.

"Ja, we said it, I'm so happy for the players, the harder you work the luckier you become. You know in the last matches our performances were good but we were not really scoring the goals," Davids told SuperSport TV.

"I'm happy we were able to score but more importantly how we started the game. In previous matches we started the same way but we didn't capitalise on our dominance and that was the difference today. In our dominance phase we were able to score and that gave us an upper hand.

"I didn't see it [Olisa Ndah's disallowed goal], we'll have to look at it again, four goals would have been nice but I'm so proud of the players. We said stick to it, in terms of the high press, the second goal as well exactly how we set out to do in the first phase," he said.

"But the most important thing is in our dominance phase we were able to score and in our previous matches we were not able to.

"It's so difficult to play here, first-half we were with the wind, second half we were against the wing, so we had to change our strategy in the second half, we couldn't play the same way we played in the first.

"But then we were able to get the ball behind the defence line, the ball goes up when you're playing against the wind and that's what we were trying to do, we could have got the second goal in the second-half but we're happy with the three points, that's all that matters."