Ernst tells PSL: Don't copy the Germans


Kaizer Chiefs coach Ernst Middendorp has urged the PSL not to copy the Germans as they look to partner with the Bundesliga for development purposes.

On 14 November the League was visited by a Bundesliga delegation led by their CEO Robert Klein during the PSL's annual general meeting, with the possibility of the two leagues partnering.

Middendorp, who has been in South Africa for 15 years, shared his advice to the South African football community during the Chiefs' last media day at Naturena.

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"Let me give you an example, when Pep Guardiola was still at Bayern Munich we had issues of people trying to dress [like him] and copy him, so the problem is copying close by,"he said.

"Copying is not what we should do. The performance of academies in Germany is fine, you can be inspired, get elements on what you are doing and where they put effort in, [but] you can never do it here in South Africa like they do it.

Middendorp says the country can only learn from the Bundesliga how they develop their players but before introducing that here, they must bear in mind that not everything that works for them will work for the PSL.

The Chiefs coach cited a lack of youth education in South Africa as a stumbling block to effectively implementing football academy structures.

"Look at the kids here in terms of education and mindset, what is required. Don't copy how they do things," he concluded.