Malajila confirms Leopards departure


Former Mamelodi Sundowns striker Cuthberth Malajila has confirmed parting ways with Black Leopards and explained why the separation was needed.

Malajila joined Lidoda Duvha at the beginning of the 2019/20 season but saw his stay there last only five months due to things he says he will only reveal at the end of the season.

"Ja, we parted ways in January," Malajila confirms to

"No, it's part of the game, you know this game, it's always like this. We agreed because it was not working for me, for them either way you know."

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Pressed further on whether game-time was one of the reasons he cut short his stay with the club, he is diplomatic in his response.

"Either way, you know when you are not playing also they will ask you why are you not playing you know... [laughs]. You know man, I'm a professional player. If I have to tell you [who exactly asked why he was not playing] we'll have to speak end of December.

"I don't want to say much as a player but there was a lot. But I don't want to speak about it now, let me leave it. End of season then when you ask me I will let you know.

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"Sometimes you have to do the best for the team and the best for you, you understand what I'm saying? So I think it was the best for me. It was the best for them I guess, so you understand?"

Malajila, who managed only four appearances at Leopards, says at the moment he is training by himself waiting for offers.

"For now not yet [no offers], I will just be training alone, but if there's something I will let you know. It's not like I want PSL, me I just want to play football," he says.

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"But you know football, sometimes in football you have to take it as it is. Maybe you need some rest, you charge the batteries and you come back strong, like the time I was in Polokwane.

"I've been travelling a lot to come to Jozi to see my family you know, so sometimes I feel like I was supposed to be with my family for some time because it's not easy when you left home.

"Your kids are saying 'Why Dad you are coming two days [only]?' They don't understand you are going to work, you understand? You come to Jozi for two days when you have off you know. I was staying in Polokwane but my family was in Joburg, you understand?

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"Me I understood, but them when I'm leaving home now it's not easy when you are speaking to your kids about when are you coming home. Since last year I have been traveling, like every week I have to come home.

"I left Black Leopards. You know sometimes like me as a person I wanted to play you know, then I was not playing much, you understand? Even the team also you know, they can't let a person [stay] who is not playing... you understand?

"But the reasons, I'm saying the reasons, if I have to speak to you, maybe if you ask me at the end of the season when football is over... I don't want to be that player. I've been in this game for long, you understand?"

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The 34-year-old says he is available to any team from any province.

"Football sometimes you can't choose, you understand? Me I just want to play football. You know in this game you travel my brother, it's not like I have to play in Gauteng. So no, I'm not choosing, no, no."