Chippa give Heric the boot


Heric, who successfully led the club to promotion after joining in January, tells that he received a letter to this effect on Monday night.

“I received a letter from the club on Monday night informing me that the club has decided to take up the option of terminating my contract in June, so l will not be the one in charge next season,” he tells

“In the letter l received there was no further explanation given, but l just have to accept it because l have no problem with their decision. It is fine with me and if the truth be told, l am happy they told me this well in advance, giving me time to plan for the future.

“However, l will remain in charge for the remaining League game that we will play this weekend.

Heric adds: “Right now what matters is that l have to think about my future instead of worrying about whether the club is making the same mistakes they made before regarding coaches.

“There is no bad blood and l wish the club well going forward though l feel the situation could have been handled in a better way.”