Moloi to get the best out of Mayambela

Mayambela is enjoying his football under the guidance of Moloi, having previously worked together during their time at Orlando Pirates. Now at Chippa, Moloi wants to get the best out of Mayambela, who rejoined the Chilli Boys from Ajax Cape Town before the start of the current campaign.

“I have a way I want Mark to play. First it’s to give him freedom he needs and show him the dynamics of the freedom he wants. I must show him that if he drifts away from position how will it affect the team,” Moloi tells

“I must make him understand that when he is in someone else’s role how it works, especially when we lose the ball. He needs to perform in a position he is now covering for someone when he has gone out of his position.”

Moloi continues: “He is enjoying his game because he realises the pitch has duties and there are understandings and dynamics. He should always think ‘If I am here, I must do this’. So you give him that freedom to understand and give him freedom that has responsbility. That’s very important and many coaches don’t understand.”

Moloi wants to see Mayambela performing the way he did at Bloemfontein Celtic and at Pirates when Dutchman Ruud Krol was the coach.

“You will still see more of Mark. I don’t understand how he can be a star at Celtic and a star under Krol at Pirates, and then after that he is no longer a star? It’s impossible.”