Chippa: Acting mayor wants Celtic in PE


Chippa United boss Siviwe Mpengesi has hit back at Nelson Mandela Bay acting executive mayor Marlon Daniels, who earlier slammed the club’s “clumsy management style”.

Daniels, in his capacity as acting mayor of Port Elizabeth, criticised the club over their constant coaching changes over the past two years, which has seen them with seven different tacticians.

The Patriotic Alliance party member further issued an ultimatum to the club bosses, but Mpengesi has since responded with allegations that the acting mayor has been attempting to lure Bloemfontein Celtic to the city to replace The Chilli Boys.

“There was never a problem with the relationship [between Chippa and the municipality]. Remember that guy who was an acting mayor, he was talking on his personal behalf,” said Mpengesi.

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“He’s the guy who wanted to bring Bloemfontein Celtics there, and he was beaten by the majority. He’s a typical guy from that political party called [Patriotic] Alliance of Kenny Kunene, and the [Gayton] McKenzie’s of this world.

“He’s a guy who runs his politics based on race; he’s clear that he’s fighting for the colours of the North of Port Elizabeth; he’s a guy who’s openly against the presence of Chippa United.

“This is because he feels Chippa United is talking to the black Africans of Port Elizabeth, so that one didn’t even bother us.

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“Chippa United is the only club of the province; we are in demand by the way, so we are not threatened by removal or continuation, or anything.

“We are in demand as a club. Many municipalities and provinces would love to have a club of Chippa United’s calibre. But that guy was not talking on behalf of the municipality, and we didn’t want to entertain him.”

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