Chawapiwa: Usuthu need Masilela


AmaZulu FC midfielder Talent Chawapiwa has explained why the KwaZulu-Natal club needs players like Tsepo Masilela.

Masilela, who last played competitive football in the 2017/18 season with Kaizer Chiefs, has been under assessment at AmaZulu for over a week now, and according Chawapiwa the 34-year-old left-back been doing well at training.

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"We need those kind of players." Chawapiwa tells

"It's a good thing to play with those kind of senior players, and you know the league they understand better. And also we can learn from them also. I can say they don't like to talk and stuff, they are quite players but you know, interesting, interesting players, if you have one on one with them they are interesting players, you learn a lot."

Asked how has it been like coming up against the likes of Masilela at training, he said, "You know when you are playing with experience there's a lot of big, know what I'm saying? like players that calculates your move. Whatever you wanna do they know what you wanna do because they have seen it before. He's not gonna be the same because maybe lack of game time for long, but from what I see it's just fitness only, but he is still the same.

"I think he is much, much better now because he's got lots of experience now. So now he's just uses his mind now you know, less work more mind and stuff. You know what I'm saying? He does the overlapping in a right moment you know what I'm saying. The club will benefit from his signing. We need it. It's something that we need now experienced players. And it's good for the history of the team, because it's now a right time for the team to go to the next level you know. It's been long for a team like AmaZulu without winning anything you know. Without being in the top four, top eight and stuff. I think it's a right timing for him, if they can sign him then it's a good thing, if they can sign him and [Mario] Booysen. We will just wait and see what happens."