Leopards slam fake death reports


Black Leopards have slammed fake reports that their chairman David Thidiela has passed on.

Just when the football community was still mourning the passing of Thidiela's wife Mphodo Dorothea Ramunenyiwa-Thidiela, rumours emerged on social media over the weekend that the Lidoda Duvha owner was also no more.

According to Leopards CEO Moudy Mudzielwana, the club is very disturbed by the actions of those who are spreading such lies during a time of mourning.

"Ya from Saturday in the social media there were some circulations of some sort saying that the chairman is in ICU," Mudzielwana tells KickOff.com.

"And then Sunday morning people were saying he has passed on, while he is fine. Yes, obviously he is taking it hard that the wife has passed on because she was very close to him, but I don't understand where this thing came from.

"And the page which I saw it on, it was clear that it's a fake page. So I don't know what prompted from that and created such a page just to say someone has passed on. Ya it was on Facebook.

"That's when we felt it was necessary to clarify people on that because we were continuing to get calls from people checking if he was still around.

"So remember, the chairman had even tested for Covid because we don't know what happened to Mama... last week when the players returned we all tested. They were negative, all of them.

"Unless Mama happened to have gone somewhere else, and we were just worried about him that if it's Covid for Mama then it means he must also quarantine.

"But he has never shown any signs of Covid or anything. He's fine, it's just obviously the pain of losing a wife. Now people are adding their things. It's not nice. So this thing of saying Baba was in the ICU, it's wrong, it's all lies."

This website spoke to Thidiela over the phone today and can confirm that he is very much alive and kicking.

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