Thidiela praying for the right coach

Black Leopards chairman David Thidiela says they are still not close to finding a suitable candidate for their vacant head coach position.
Lidoda Duvha are looking for someone who understands the club's way of playing football as they search for a replacement for English-born mentor Dylan Kerr, who left at the end of the season.
"There are so many of them [job applications], not to mention the ones from overseas," Thidiela tells
"I really don't know what to do now, these applications are starting ukungishaya [to beat me] ding dong now the way there are so many. I want someone who will play our football, the one we play at Black Leopards, our kind of football. It's played down on the ground, and we run here.
"After paying a R40 to watch our matches, I want people to say, 'Nee man we should have paid more there it was a good game of football'. We don't play 'dum dum' at Black Leopards. We play carpet football, we want people to enjoy themselves because we are in the entertainment industry. 
"It doesn't matter whether our next coach is from Europe or somewhere, as long as he is going to make the boys play it on the ground. He must be able to use the players we've got. We signed them, is that not so? They have contracts. Those who have not terminated, they should continue training. I'm praying to God to help me get the right coach."