Best Foreign Striker - Mugeyi (No 2)

Premiership’s Lovemore Moyo is counting down the top 30 foreign strikers to have played in the PSL, with Wilfred Mugeyi coming in at number 2.

Vitinho (No. 30) - Pepe (No. 29) Nechironga (No. 28) - Brockie (No. 27) - A Ndlovu (No. 26) - Niang (No. 25) - Amougou (No. 24) - Nkhatha (No. 23) - Mamale (No. 22) Laffor (No. 21) - Tualibudine (No. 20) - Malajila (No. 19) - Chamanga (No. 18) - Ithier (No. 17) - Gorowa (No. 16) - Mrewa (No. 15) -Katongo (No. 14) - Mushekwi (No. 13) - P Ndlovu (No. 12) - Mushangazhike (No. 11) - Torrealba (No. 10) Ngaduane (No. 9) - Kanyenda (No. 8) - Lota (No. 7) - Collins Mbesuma (No. 6) - Benjani Mwaruwari (No. 5) - Raphael Chukwu (No. 4) - Knowledge Musona (No. 3)

2 – Wilfred Mugeyi

The 'Silver Fox' remains a favourite amongst even fans of clubs that he never played for.

Anyone born in Eastern Cape and old enough to have had a chance to attend Bush Bucks’ home games at the Independence Stadium down in Mthatha will know that the biggest reason why it eventually became known as the ‘slaughter-house’ was down to Mugeyi’s goals.

Strangely, Mugeyi never really became a huge name in the Zimbabwe national team despite all the success he enjoyed in South Africa.

If ever there was any player who epitomised Imbabala then it was Silver Fox. He arrived in South Africa back in 1993 ater winning the league with Black Aces the previous year in Zimbabwe and holds the record of having scored the most goals in the history of Bush Bucks with 113 goals to his name.

No need to really explain why he was nicknamed the Silver Fox. He was the best striker in the PSL’s inaugural season (1996-97) after slamming 23 league goals plus another four in the cups in just 27 games that he started all season. The free-kick that he drilled home from far against Cape Town Spurs that season remains a goal for the archives. Mugeyi walked away with the PSL Footballer of the Year and Players’ Player of the Year awards.

After another season in the PSL he then left for Chinese club Hang Yan but didn’t last long there and was back at in East London where he spent another three-and-a-half years, only leaving when the club was relegated in 2003.

Next up was a move to Ajax Cape Town by which time he was already 34. His time in Cape Town produced just 13 goals, with him leaving halfway through the 2005-06 season to join Free State Stars where he scored five goals in 12 games but couldn’t save them from the drop.

He then finished off his career in the First Division with Western Province United where he doubled up as a coach during the 2006-07 season and then immediately became an assistant coach at Ajax the following season.

Minus the goals he scored prior to the start of the PSL, Mugeyi had 91 goals in 199 starts through his time at Bush Bucks, Ajax and Free State. What gives his goals more weight is the fact that he was able to score surrounded by players of inferior quality compared to the well-resourced Gauteng clubs.