Best Foreign Striker - Tualibudine (No.20)

Best Foreign Striker - Vitinho (No. 30)

Best Foreign Striker - Pepe (No. 29)

Best Foreign Striker - Nechironga (No. 28)

Best Foreign Striker - Brockie (No. 27)

Best Foreign Striker - A Ndlovu (No. 26)

Best Foreign Striker - Niang (No. 25)

Best Foreign Striker - Amougou (No. 24)

Best Foreign Striker - Nkhatha (No. 23)

Best Foreign Striker - Emeka Mamale (No. 22)

Best Foreign Striker - Anthony Laffor (No.21)


20 - Nuro Amino Tualibudine

One of the stand-out recruits brought into the country by Jomo Sono from neighbouring Mozambique to his club Jomo Cosmos, Nuro was full of running and would make sure that the defenders really felt his presence.

The Cosmos team from back then was not as weak as what Ezenkosi has become in more recent years, yoyo-ing up and down between the PSL and the first division. Nuro was recruited from Maxaquene in the six months before the start of the modern-day PSL in August 1996 and showed decent class, scoring nine goals in 30 games before moving to Cyprus in 1997 where he spent two years, before returning to South Africa.

When he eventually left Cosmos in 2002 after his second spell, Nuro had scored 25 goals in 62 starts while also contributing a number of assists due with his high work-rate. After Cosmos, Nuro then left for Vietnam before coming back to South Africa, but did not turn out for any club as he returned back home to Mozambique where he now works as a hotel manager.

It is just unfortunate that Nuro was always in the shadow of fellow countryman Tico-Tico, both at club level and in the national team.

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