Best Foreign Striker - Mamale (No. 22)

Premiership’s Lovemore Moyo is counting down the top 30 foreign strikers to have played in the PSL, with Emeka Mamale coming in at number 22.

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22 - Emeka Mamale

A special talent who unfortunately didn’t really deliver on everything that his career should have due to his nomadic tendencies. Mamale just couldn’t settle down and appeared more concerned about chasing the next contract despite having been young – according to what was written on his particulars.

He was still a teenager when he first found his way to QwaQwa Stars in 1996 having previously spent time in Angola, which explains partly why club boss Mike Mokoena grew to have a soft spot for him.

The bustling Congolese forward was a livewire who made a huge impact at Stars in the first two years of the PSL where he created goals in the same way that he scored throughout his time there, notching up goals in every third match that he featured in, either starting or coming on as a substitute. Before long he decided to move to South Korea.

The fact that Mamale was normally looked upon to make the difference at Stars is the reason why he eventually found his way to Kaizer Chiefs in years to come. At Chiefs his time never became glossy but it would be suicidal not to rate him amongst the better forwards of those that have arrived in the PSL from other countries.

Chiefs fans will remember him for the famous Congolese hairstyles but also for running at defenders at pace and always causing chaos in the opposition’s third. His abilities and qualities were never in doubt all the same.

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