AmaZulu-Chiefs official punished


SAFA has handed down a suspension to assistant referee Mervyn Van Wyk, and it has been revealed whether he is a Kaizer Chiefs fan.

Van Wyk has been banned from officiating in any Absa Premiership or GladAfrica Championship matches for four weeks following a blunder in a fixture between AmaZulu and Kaizer Chiefs.

The Kimberley-born match official made some questionable offside calls for two Usuthu goals as Amakhosi won 2-0 on Heritage Day.

On Tuesday SAFA's review committee studied the footage of the two incidents and it was decided that the young official should be acquitted of the first one as he made the correct decision in ruling the first goal offside.

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According to head of referees Tenda Masikhwa, Van Wyk was only found guilty on one incident, which was the second goal where he thought the ball would be played by another Usuthu player.

"Ja no they have indicated their decision. He will not be appointed for any NSL matches for four weeks," Masikhwa tells

"During those four weeks there'll be a technical instructor who will be helping him to address his shortcomings. And ja he will have to send a report to the office after the four weeks.

"Then it will be reviewed from there as to whether he will have improved. But in the meantime in those four weeks he will be officiating in the regional league matches.

"It was only the one [goal] that happened in the 73rd minute. The first one, no, it was the correct decision. They don't ask them why he didn't get it right, what they come up with is that he was supposed to have applied the wait and see technique.

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"If you remember in the 73rd minute, there was an AmaZulu player in an offside position. But the player who played the ball was coming from an onside position. So he should have applied the wait and see technique as to when the ball was played. 

"Where was the player who played the ball? Because to be in an offside position is not a punishable offence. It only becomes punishable if you interfere with play, interfere with an opponent or where you gain an advantage by being in that position. 

"So in this instance the player in an offside position didn't interfere with play. He is not going to officiate in NSL matches. NSL matches include both PSL and GladAfrica Championship."

Masikhwa was asked if rumours about Van Wyk being a Chiefs fan were discussed.

"No, we don't have any evidence of that, and he has not even declared that," he replies.

"In fact when he was asked, [he said] he has never been a supporter of Kaizer Chiefs. So I think it's just people who are trying something else that they are not so sure of. Ja, he is not a Kaizer Chiefs supporter."