'10111' offers solutions for SA football


Kaizer Chiefs development coach Arthur Zwane believes South African football will only grow if people empower themselves with education.

The Chiefs legend was talking during the Multichoice Diski Challenge festival in Umlazi a few weeks ago, promoting top players for the first team, which is something Zwane is proud of and honoured to see their work being appreciated.

"That is our ultimate goal, we always strive for that. It's always good to see our work appreciated as development coaches," Zwane said.

"I think so far so good, although there's still a long way to go, lots of work to do. But yeah the support we are getting motivates us every day to develop more players for this team."

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'10111' recently did his UEFA B1 Licence in Europe and says it has been a tough journey for him, especially as someone who enjoyed success as a professional footballer.

"It's a tough journey because some of us thought it's going to be easy because we did well as players at a high level," he revealed.

"Actually it's not the case, you need to pick yourself up as a coach and learn more about the game. If you don't study the game moves with time it's going to be difficult for you, it's more like you are setting players up for failure, so it's good for us to attend these coaching courses, get our coaching badges as well so we can be on the same level as the rest of the world."

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Many at Amakhosi have been calling for Zwane to be involved in the senior side but the man himself says he is more passionate about development because young players have been cheated for years at grassroots level and his focus is to tackle that.

"I still want to help young ones because that is where we are lacking as a country, we are not developing players with confidence and arrogance, who have an understanding of the game," he explained.

"For South Africa we keep on saying we have our own identity. There's no such thing, we allow our boys to play negative football."

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With the national teams failing to deliver on the big stages and development being blamed for that, Zwane says only on the day we tell ourselves the truth and face our reality we will have solutions, and one of them is empowering coaches to compete with the best in the world. 

"Look, everyone's got an opinion and we respect that. Until we get people who understand the game better and encourage other teams to take their coaches to Europe, because where we want to dominate, at the end of the day we can talk about us as Africans but where are we? 

"We need look at ourselves with the best in the game right now. If you want to be the best, you have to compete with the best, otherwise we will always be behind." 

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