Tsichlas: Why I sold Downs to Motsepe


Former Mamelodi Sundowns managing director Anastasia Tsichlas has finally revealed what made the Tsichlas family sell the club to Patrice Motsepe.

In 2004 the mining magnate gained 100 percent control of the Premier Soccer League club after initially owning 51 percent in 2003.

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It was estimated that he paid R65-million to Angelo and Nastasia Tsichlas as well as the Krok twins, Abe and Solly, for the other 49 percent that was remaining.

"Remember Abe Krok also wasn't very well, and remember we were partners, so he left," the 'Iron Lady' tells KickOff.com.

"We were partners with Patrice for a year, and of course Patrice Motsepe he can afford to spend a lot of money... he wanted to go further. This is something you can't cope with of course because you know he had his dream. Everybody has his own dream.

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"So we took the team to that top level, became a recognised force in South Africa as you know. And then Patrice came, he took the club as well a step further. That's why I say Sundowns is a very lucky team [laughs]!

"You always have owners that, they are doing well for the team. I know that we are the ones who put it in the picture, and I know that we saved the club from liquidation in those years. We are proud to be part of that legacy in the calibre of Sundowns.

"But as I say you know Patrice had his own dreams and of course as you know we can't work with an amount like this anymore. You can't be partner with somebody who can spend so much, you understand?

"And you have to think about what is the best for all the players, the club, the supporters, people there working you know... there's many things you have to take into consideration. Ja and see what is the best for the club."

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Tsichlas was asked if she thought there was any difference between their Sundowns and the current one.

"Yes, but you know it's different categories of money [laughs], you understand? Here we are talking about one of the richest men in Africa," she says.

"Yes, we always had money, remember we always paid the best salaries. But I think Patrice achieved to make the club – let's say when it comes to remuneration and money – to the calibre of the European clubs. That's the difference.

"You know you can be rich like the Kroks or you can be well... thank God we are all well because you don't make money from football, you are losing money.

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"And if you want to keep the standard high... he [Motsepe] loves the club and his family. He reminds me of my family when we started, my boys how much they loved the game.

"He's got his wife, the children, they love the club. You know he's got three boys Patrice. The problem is of course Patrice can't be there all the time like we used to be."

Tsichlas refused to reveal the total amount paid by the billionaire for a club as big as Sundowns.

"No, this is something that can't be disclosed because that is part of the contract, you understand that... but of course you also understand that money also helps."

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