Ajax resigned to NFD fate

Ajax CEO Ari Efstathiou held a press conference at Ikamva on Friday afternoon to explain the club's decision to withdraw two court applications on Thursday.

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Things took a massive twist at the South Gauteng High Court after the Premier Soccer League were granted leave to appeal Judge Denise Fischer's earlier verdict that was seen as a victory for The Urban Warriors.

The club then withdrew their urgent application to interdict the start of the 2018/19 PSL season, as well as their Section 18 application that would reinstate Fischer's judgement pending the outcome of the appeal.

Efstathiou has since accepted the standing William Mokhari award that saw them automatically relegated after being docked points in May for fielding ineligible striker Tendai Ndoro, and confirmed they will contest the NFD season with a view to fighting their way back on the pitch.

“We are forced to take our place in the NFD unless something happens during the appeal process,” the club boss told the media.

Ajax's advocate Norman Arendse also explained that their withdrawal from both applications was prompted by Judge Fischer granting the PSL leave to appeal, as that derailed their arguments in the respective hearings.

Meanwhile, Efstathiou also confirmed that coach Muhsin Ertugral is set to remain with the club through their fight in the second division this season, but many other structural and personnel changes would be taking place.

Furthermore, they will honour the appeal date at the South Gauteng High Court, but accept that a victory could have little bearing on where they end up as time is now against them.