Ncobo reveals PSL's best referee criteria


Legendary former match official Andile 'Ace' Ncobo has shared what criteria are used to select both the Referee and Assistant Referee of the Season.

The PSL has nominated six officials for their end-of-season awards that will be held at 20h00 tonight.

Nominees in the Referee of the Season category are Luxolo Badi, Jelly Chavani and Victor Gomes while in the Assistant Referee category it is Emmanuel de Sani, Shaun Olive and Zakhele Siwela.

Check out the legendary match officials who have won the most PSL Referee of the Season awards in the gallery above

In the 2018/19 season Abongile Tom walked away with the top referee award while Emmanuel De Sani won the best assistant prize.

"I think the most important consideration is a very low error rate consistently throughout the season," the four-time PSL Referee of the Season tells

"That's what takes you there. Now if you flip over that, we say low error rate, that means a high correctness rate, if there's something like that in the English language, I don't know.

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"But you see the match commissioners use what we refer to as deductive marking. So you start off the match at 100 percent and for each error, depending on the magnitude of the error that you commit, they will then take off some percentage points until you land with whatever you land with at the end of the match.

"So that's why we look at it from what many people may regard as a negative angle. We look at the error rate because your correct decisions must come naturally. So that's why we focus on your errors as a referee, not much on the correct decisions that you make because those must be there.

"So that's how we handle it, that's why I'm saying in order for one to be nominated they must have had the lowest error rate of everyone else involved in the game."

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'Mr Spot On' also explained what is usually done in a situation where you find two referees equal on performance points.

"Well, there is a precedent, I mean one of my four Referee of the Season awards I shared with Abdul Ebrahim in a tie when the panel couldn't separate the two of us in terms performance that season," he recalls.

"Well, there was a bit of politics in it because some of them felt it would seem like I'm the only one who is getting these awards. So they felt okay, we can't get rid of him, he's had the lowest error rate but let's tie him with someone else [laughs]."

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