12 PSL stars who can be called celebrities


Who are the PSL's celebrity figures who are worshipped by fans and recognised by kids in the street no matter which team they play for? 

There are a few special players around the globe who are adored not only for footballing reasons, but also for their status off the field.

Check out 12 local stars who can be called SA's celebrity players above!

These are players who are loved by people who don't even understand football, players even the presidents of their countries wish to meet, players who are not only seen as footballers but also as celebrities.

While superstars like Diego Maradona, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar can consider themselves global celebrities, former Orlando Pirates star Teboho Moloi and Kaizer Chiefs legend Doctor Khumalo could also say the same on the local front.

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Moloi has opened up about how he found himself at that level and explains how he and Khumalo were treated at a young age in their respective careers in South Africa.

"Maybe me and Doctor, the hype was because maybe we broke into the professional ranks at the same time," Moloi tells KickOff.com.

"I was 18 going for 19, Doctor was 19 going for 20. The hype was, 'Here are these 18 and 19-year olds, following in the footsteps of [their fathers]'... as time goes on, each and everyone built his own brand in a certain way you see. I mean Doctor even today he is still with Puma, me I went with Kappa, and till now I'm with Nike.

"And that time again we were Pepsi Cola boys. You know there were even cars branded in our names that we drove. Pushing the Pepsi brand. You know youngsters they would want to be either Doctor or me, and even our hairstyles off the field the image that we portrayed you see. I had a 'pony tail', and him a 'fish tail' you see. We moved with off-the-field trends on how do we build this. I think that thing of me and him broke down when I left for Turkey.

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"Okay behavior off the field plays a role but I think the biggest thing is we joined big teams. Take for example Dumi Ngobe, you know he went to Aces at a very early age, a team that his father played for. But he didn't get the hype that me and Doctor got. I mean you take Bamuza Sono, a son of a very, very famous man as well, but he didn't get that hype.

"I think it goes with the brand of the team that you break youth age with. Because it's not easy to break into a [Kaizer] Chiefs or a Pirates. You can see today; a boy can excel and be deadly in the MDC but you take him to the first team and he freezes or he doesn't even make the starting line-up.

"People don't know that when I joined Pirates, I was still at school doing Matric. Doctor was still doing Matric. But the difference with me is I never trained with Pirates. I just came on a Saturday, jumped off the luxury bus from Mafikeng to Jozi. I woke up at six, and seven o'clock I'm in that bus. Half-past twelve or 12:45 I jump off the bus into a Pirates kombi, I'm on my way to Orlando Stadium to play, and that was my first year and I performed miracles.

"You understand the hype behind that? That this boy he doesn't even train with Pirates. He doesn't even go to camp. He comes on the day of the game and he scores, or he plays better than other guys that are training together. Here's Pirates going into the JPS Cup final, I score. Do you understand that the hype around me was bigger than anything?

"But if I was doing that playing for Aces, who would have noticed? Do you get me when I say I think the brand of the team that you join is what makes you to be head and shoulders above your peers?

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"Even your style of play should be a certain swag. I mean even when it came to ball control, I didn't do it in an ordinary way, I would put a little flavour. I did it in a different style. Another thing is, I was the first player to wear an earring during that time after I saw [Diego] Maradona.

"Late in their years Shoes [Moshoeu] and Doctor also pierced their ears you see. I was not even afraid after a game to put a huge earring. That alone would excite a youngster to say, 'Yoh! This guy even wears an earring? Yoh!Yoh!' [Laughs] You know those are the little things that make you stand out. Me and Doctor, we didn't get attention by doing wrong stuff. It was more for the right reasons you know."

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